Sabrina S. and Valentina K. Zona K for a request that originated a new project and providing first founds for development,
Lucia.P for jumping on board with photografic documentation, on this website: almost all the background pics.

people of Ravenna – city sample – where we experimented an idea and found a project
Christopher, Bronson Productions – Transmissions VI for providing first collection point
Serena, Teatro Rasi, Arificerie Almagia’ Federica F.V., CISIM  in Ravenna Viso in Aria for providing collection points Valentina M. & Raffaella S. (happy retirement, we will miss you!) Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Ravenna for encouraging, counseling, participating and ulteriorly providing founds. Massimo I. Assessore alla Cultura Faenza, for extreme encouragement, support, and promotion, WAM! festival for collection and exhibit point, Alberto M., TuCo, for friendship, counseling (even when not requested) and competence and for introducing us to Diego I. lifesaver and excellent web programmer Alberto C. Ravenna 2019, for support, contribution, counsel and timing Owidad B. Assessore alla Cultura Ravenna  for participating, support and attention Andrea B.  for technical help, support and founds Domenico C. for seeing potential, suggesting developments and finally agreeing to be part of the project, Marco Valerio A. for website start-off Serena T. for introducing us to Amar D. and Gaetano B., Amar  D. for introducing us to Tre B., Tre B. for introducing us to Tapigami, Gaetano B. for info on safe shipment Indira Carla Andrade Pithon and Ilaria Preda for next location: Brazil (to be continued)

and Abdon Z., Marcello & Juno Z. and Dario G. our ferocious critics and faithful sustainers: our families.

Thank you all! panda project



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