panda project

pp_pandalogo    pp_Beapp_deliapp_Hendry
       WHO    Beatrice Cevolani, Delia Trice, Hendry Proni

WHY    In our shows/performances we have pursued, right from the beginning, a research that revolves around the roles of the artist per se, of the reseptacle of performance, plays, shows; of the public and of the spectator as the live element that distigushes a live performance from other forms of art. We have chosen to prod all of these elements overturning and deconstruicting roles by provoking, with irony.
Our interest in interactive visual art has lead us to create two installations that can function and exist without our presence that  developed into finding new inspiration from the final recipients of our work.
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pp_Serena Serena M. Trice  pp_Ilaria   Ilaria Preda
pp_Lucia Lucia Puricelli pp_Diego Diego Ingegneri





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