The exhibit’s goal is exactly what is says: collect items in memory of the public to create and expose a growing wall auditorium for future reference: what we call “wall of creative fame”.

Yet, while we do this, we have discovered the opportunity to connect people, projects, places and public.
To narrate more than our project, more than our work. This is the fun part.
Take a look, discover, be curious and of course, participate. Thank you!

We were contacted to perform yet asked to find a way to promote our work among the public in a contest won by Zona K Scappatoia Culturale (Milan) to attract new pubblic.
We decided to declare the public extinct (in press release) and that we wished to collect items donated by the last few participants for posterity or study: conceiving an object catalog, in which people would be invited to leave trace of themselves. Collecting points were most of the major cultural events in town (we contacted organizers and asked to add our installation kit during the events, in a place accessed by the public).
The response was fabulous. This favored an exchange and invited not only to participate in the art exhibition but also to discover other events: giving organizers unexpected visibility and access to audiences besides their own.

This interactive installation revealed much more than our original intent: the full undiscovered spontaneous creativity of the persons that participated. It has begun to take the shape of a social portrait: inspiring, surprising and at times scary. That is why the mere process of collecting items has become also an exhibition. The occasion to advance connections with organizers, major cultural events, to use the press in a new way (for us), attracting transversal and new public. The goal is to inspire active participation and to continue the interest with a reward that will lead to another cultural event (in a spiral we hope will not end) made this initiative interesting for more than a single reality. Our first “host” was suddenly on the map, in a territory unknown to them. Adding personal invitations to the exhibit with discounts on the tickets for paricipants gave a new boost to our presence in Milan where we were fairly unknown.

The labels became central to comprehend the spirit of the contributions so we chose a digital catalogue that will consent us to translate the lables, to be adjourned and to be visible from the internet. We wish “the host” to be part of the exhibition. This gives us the opportunity to valorize other projects besides our own. To export our projects is always a goal, yet this particular development was unforessen and unexpected. It came from encounter, lucky feelings and great stories. We wouldn’t have discovered you, your work or otherwise met. Our goal is, of course, to accompany the installation and add a performance, but the occasion to communicate through projects is precious and inspiring.

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