(news) Sacramento, why?

Infobox_SACmapThis is one of the questions, we often heard when speaking of the intention of sending Exhibit B.A.L. (break a leg) project to Sacramento, California.

I have visited Sacramento on more than one occasion because part of my family now resides there. I have walked and drove around and at first the feeling (as foreigner) was of a city that revolves around office work, very organized, very clean, a bit aseptic.
It was nice to be there, comfortable and it felt safe.
As most of us living out of U.S. I was drawn only to San Francisco, for inspiration, arts and culture.

Downtown Plaza (to me) was one of these aseptic structures, a shopping mall right in the center of town: it had a dismissed look, vacancies intermitted with brand shops, food court, you know the deal. It came as a surprise that it was to be this particular structure to introduce us to what is a specific goal of our exhibit: to narrate trough collection of items people, places and projects.

We found an inspiring example of urban revitalization, we found people invested in involved communities, we found unleashed creativity and a

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lively art scene.
Now, we are happy to share.

Delia Trice, panda project

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